The Rat’s Dilemma (Short Film)

In the Holocaust, a gifted Jewish physicist named Rudolph is forced to build a teleporter for the Nazis.

Rudolph keeps telling his Nazi supervisor Heinz that the machine doesn’t work yet, but Heinz suspects he is hiding something.

As Heinz is determined to squeeze the truth out by any means necessary, Rudolph soon has to face the dilemma of his life.

Starring: Sassi Keshet, Mendy Cahan, Ezra Dagan, Michael Lerner

Written and Directed by: Naor Meningher

Producer: Stav Orr

(10 minutes, fiction, 2014)




 Festivals and Awards

“The Rat’s Dilemma” was screened in over 30 festival and won 5 awards, including the Silver Prize at the Robinson Short Film Competition.


Full festival list:

    Show festivals
  1. Bucharest Jewish Film Festival (Romania, 2014)

  2. Landshut Short Film Festival (Germany, 2015)

  3. JFilm Pittsburgh – The Robinson International Short Film Competition (Pittsburgh USA, May 2015, Silver Prize)

  4. Wizard  CON Film Festival: Philadelphia (Philadelphia USA, May 2015, Best Student Short Prize)

  5. Phoenix Comicon Film Festival (Phoenix USA, May 2015 )

  6. FilmQuest Film Festival (Salt Lake City USA, June 2015)

  7. Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival (Tel Aviv, Israel, June 2015)

  8. Wizard  CON Film Festival: Sacramento (Sacramento USA, June 2015, Best Student Short Prize)

  9. Fantasia Film Festival (Montreal, Canada, July 2015)

  10. Fantasmagorical Film Festival (Louisville USA, August 2015)

  11. Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival (Atlanta USA, September 2015)

  12. The 2nd SciFi Film Festival (SFFF) 2015 (Parramatta, Australia, October 2015)

  13. Veterans Film Festival (Parramatta, Australia, November 2015)

  14. The Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing (Tel Aviv, Israel, October 2015)

  15. TOHorror Film Festival (Torino, Italy, October 2015)

  16. SMALLMOVIE FESTIVAL (Calcinaia, Pisa, Italy, October 2015, Best Horror Short)

  17. Warsaw Jewish Film Festival (Warsaw, Poland, November 2015)

  18. Albuquerque Film Festival and Comicon (Albuquerque, USA, January 2016)

  19. Jaggernaut Sci Fi Film Festival (Chicago, USA, April 2016)

  20. Crypticon Seattle Horror Film Festival (Seattle, USA, June 2016)

  21. GenreBlast (Virginia, USA, August 2016)

  22. Gen Con (Indianapolis, USA, August 2016)

  23. Latronichorror ( Latricon, Italy, July 2016)

  24. Hyperfrive Sci-Fi (Hailsham, UK, October 2016, Best Costumes, Audience Choice)

  25. Macabro: Mexico City International Horror Film Festival (Mexico City, Mexico, August 2016)

  26. Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival (Michigan, USA, September 2016)

  27. Scare-A-Con Film Festival (New York, USA, September 2016)

  28. Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest (Puerto Rico, October, 2016)

  29. Upstate NY Horror Film Fest (Rochester, New York, October 2016)

  30. SOGO Horror Film Festival (Arkensas, October 2016)

  31. Pensacon Short Film Fest (USA, Janurary 2017)

  32. Twisted Dreams Film Festival (Milwaukee, USA, 2017)

  33. HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival (Ohio, USA, 2017)

  34. Comic Con Short Film Festival (California, USA, 2017, BEST SCI-FI, Judges’ Choice)

  35. San Jose Short Film Festival (California, USA, 2017)