Hey. I’m Naor.

I’m a digital campaigns specialist with a proven track record of successful political campaigns. Between 2019-2022, I worked on PM Netanyahu’s five political campaigns, where I led digital, video and chatbot projects. Over the past six years, I spearheaded campaigns resulting in significant victories and have developed a deep understanding of cross-platform marketing, new media implementation, creative strategy, and viral video creation.

In my spare time, I produce and co-host “Two Nice Jewish Boys“, a popular English-language podcast based out of Tel-Aviv that explores the lives of Israelis doing big and exciting things, from Idan Raichel, to Nobel Prize Winner Prof.  Robert Aumann.

I also have a YouTube channel, ‘The Italy Guy‘, that is dedicated to my adventures in the land of the boot.

I’m confident I can make a meaningful contribution to your upcoming politicial race, or creative project. Get in touch at naor@naormenin.com.