Hi there!

My name’s Naor and I’m a digital campaigns specialist with two significant victories under my belt and more than 6 years of experience in political races. I have a deep understanding of social media including cross-platform, new media management, creative strategy and innovative viral video creation.

I graduated from the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television in 2016.

During my studies, I directed three short films:

The Rat’s Dilemma (2014, fiction, 10 minutes), was screened in more than 50 film festivals across the world and received many awards.

Our Hebrews (2016, documentary, 21 minutes) and An Old Score (2016, fiction, 22 minutes), have both been recently completed and are now being distributed worldwide.

I also have two podcasts: Two Nice Jewish Boys is a podcast in English about interesting Israelis, and The Melting Podcast, produced by Kan, is about Aliyah and what it’s like to become an Israeli.